Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Korea At A Glance: Day 6 & Day 7

Day 6

Seoul Tower

A little bit disappointed as the tower is not really as grand or as pretty as we thought it to be. However, we were quite impressed with the amount of locks there! It’s so pretty and interesting to see! :) The admission fees to the tower is 9,000 won per person.  You’re supposed to be able to see the whole of Seoul once you are up there but unfortunately, it was too misty during our time there :(

Directions to Seoul Tower:
By Cable Car -
To reach the boarding place, walk for about 10~15 minutes following the street of the right side of the Pacific Hotel, after coming out of the exit 3 of Myeong-dong Station (line 4)


By Bus - Namsan Shuttle Bus
No. 02: Namsan Library/ Hanok Village/ Chungmuro Station (Exit 2, 4)/ Dongguk University Station (Exit 6)/ National Theater
No. 03: Seoul Station, Seoul Square/ HoeHyeon Station/ Namsan Tunnel no. 3/  Itaewon Station (Exit 4)/ Yongsan-gu Office
No. 05: Namsan Library/ Namdaemun Market/ Chungmuro Station (Exit 2, 4)/ Hanok Village/ Dongguk University Station (Exit 6)/ National Theater

Garosugil (Tree-lines street)

This street is adorned with whole stretch gingko trees and is filled with cafes, shops, restaurants, bars along the way.

Directions to Garosugil:
Garosugil runs perpendicular to two major streets. It can be accessed from either end.
Subway line 3 to Sinsa Station (exit #8).
Walk about three blocks until you reach a corner with the area’s tallest building.
Turn left onto Garosugil.


Subway line 3 to Apgujeong Station (exit #5) and walk about 15 minutes.
Turn left at the Kraze Burger.


It is the largest underground mall in Asia that basically would take you one whole day to cover! Be prepared to kiss your legs goodbye! :) There's also the COEX Aquarium, with its water tunnel, and the Kimchi Museum for you to relax in after shopping till you drop! :p

Directions to COEX Mall:
Samseong Station – Seoul Subway Line 2, take Exit 5 or 6.
The Mall is connected to the station so just follow the signs

Day 7

Nami Island

A beautiful island that you just have to visit, whether you're a Winter Sonata fan or not. Once here, you would feel as if you're in a different world altogether! There are two ways to get to the island, either by the ferry (10,000 won) or the ZipWire (38,000 won). We decided to be more adventurous and took the ZipWire which was super fun!

Directions to Nami Island: 
Subway Line 2 to Gapyeong Station
Take a bus from station exit to Nami Island


Came here specifically for Doota Mall as we manage to print out vouchers to redeem a bag of goodies. Didn't walk around much so we can't really comment much about the place :(

Directions to Dongdaemun and Doota Mall:
Dongdaemun Station Subway Line 4 Exit 8
Cross the street and walk 130m to reach Doota Mall


Of all the shopping streets, we love this one the most as it seriously has everything! We only had one regret, that is to have more time here! Cosmetics, clothes, shoes, cafes, restaurants, street food... They even have our famous Malaysian Bee Cheng Hiang! Haha.

Directions to Myeongdong:
Myeongdong Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 5, 6, 7, or 8
Euljiro Il-ga Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 5.

That pretty sums up our 7-day Korea trip. Our next posts will be highlights of our trip. See you again!

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