Sunday, 30 June 2013

Korea At A Glance: Day 2 & Day 3


For Jeju, we only listed out the places that we would like to go and let our driver, Richard Kim plan the rest. Found him online and managed to book him after a few exchange of emails before our trip.

Since there are no subways in Jeju, we decided to fork out a little and hire a driver for convenience and to save time as we were only there for a short time and wanted to make every second count.

We paid 130,000 won for a full day tour and 100,000 won for a half day tour.

Manjanggul Lava Tube

Please be forewarn that this tunnel is 1km to walk to the end and once you reach the end, there’s no way out and you have to walk back all the way from where you started. All in all, you would have to walk a total of 2km!

The tunnel is also dark and the ground that you walk on are a bit rocky, so please do watch your steps. Entrance fees are 2,000 won per person.

Day 3

Columnar Joints @ Daepo Coast

There are no words enough to describe this place because it’s absolutely mesmerizing and it’s amazing that this is all Mother Nature’s work. The columnar joints were formed by the cooling and solidification of basalt flows from Nokhajiak Volcano from 14,000 to 25,000 years ago! A definite must see place in Jeju! Entrance fees are only 2,000won and it’s worth every single cent!

The SEAES Hotel & Resort

We had not included this in our list but thanks to our driver, Richard Kim, we get to walk on the same ground as Hyun Bin! *melts* Yes, this is the filming location of everyone’s favourite drama, "Secret Garden". Since it’s located nearby to Daepo Coast, you can include this in your itinerary as well! Nice place for photo taking and then there’s the famous kissing bench too! Plus point, it’s free of charge!

Teddy Bear Museum

Disney theme teddy bears

A fan of teddy bears would fall in love with this place no matter how young or how old you are! The museum is huge and they have teddies both indoors and outdoors! They even have a small theater for the Elvis bear to hold a mini concert! The entrance fees is only 7,000 won which is pretty worth it!

Yeongmeori Coast

Our driver took us here to view the Dragon Head Rock but due to time constraint, tiredness and a little misunderstanding, we only took a stroll around the surrounding area and did not climb up to the top. We can also see the beautiful Sanbanggulsa Temple on the opposite side.

Hyeopjae Beach

Love, love the beach! Since Jeju is an island, it is obvious that the beach is a definitely must visit place. The scenery is awesome and we can see the Mt. Hallasa from the beach. Too bad we went during end of autumn so it was too cold to take a dip in the beautiful blue sea! We further read online that you are only allowed to swim in the beach during summer so early July to late August would be the best time to visit! :)

Hallim Park

For Malaysians, we would advise you to skip this if you are fighting for time to make your trip worthwhile as this park is very similar to our botanical gardens where you can take a stroll and enjoy looking at the colourful flowers and plants. Nothing much except for the mini folk village and lava caves. The entrance fees are 5,000 won per person.

Jeju Mysterious Road

Interesting place to visit where gravity beats all odds! Here, all cars and buses roll uphill instead of down even when the car is pointed downhill on neutral gear :o

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